Sunday, October 14, 2012

Unmissable update!

This weekend I spent mostly at home. The gates of the house decided to break and we were actually captive in here, since in this country it would be too much to ask for someone to fix the damn gate asap. At least I had a lot of exercise climbing the walls in and out to buy groceries. And I bet the neighbours had their bunch of fun aswell, for I never got in or out right in the first attempt. Well, tomorrow I'll go to work with arms and legs covered in bruises, and if it anyone notices I´ll just say I spent my holiday on a BDSM camp. I wanted to enjoy the Children's Day discount.

I tried to work a bit on a side project opportunity that came to my life a few days before, but it seems I'm not too inspired. Or rather I am, but it somehow came completely different than it was supposed to. I know myself, it's useless to force it. So I'm off to play some tic tac toe with Pikku Myy until her grandfather fall asleep, so we can take the car out for some wild sunday ride. Yes, I know it´s ridiculous. Yes I have a licence. And a very overcaring father too.

But I'm -a -do anything to get rid of this early symptoms of monday...

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