Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Keeping it

Whether I like it or not, I must recognize one true fact: The biggest changes comes to my life when I reach the bottom of my patience and the end of my hopes. Sometimes this happens because I'm pissed off enough to thunder and shake the grounds of my existence. Sometimes salvation just comes from the sky as blessing. It happened in my life times enough for me to strongly believe it can't be just coincidence anyway. I wrote about this before.
Still, as life goes by, this "bottom" seems to get deeper and deeper. And I have this impression sometimes it's a test to make my patience grow proportionally higher. Some battles I win. Some I fail. But the worse is when I think I win and stand waiting for a reward that never comes. There, I think, lies the real test. And maybe that's what the humans call "faith".

What reminds me...

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