Sunday, October 28, 2012

What now..?

One thing that makes me kinda anxious about life is this impression - no, this certainty - that we can never be really sure about anything. There is no definitive oracle, and no one we can ask for directions when taking the most important decisions.
I use to say, though, life get easier when you learn to read the "signs". Problem is that even interpretating this signs - when you get to recognize a sign at all - is anything but easy. To be sincere, I only really recognize it after some time. When the real deal is going on, I usually question myself about whether I should take that  importantly or not. And way ahead, if it was really meaningful, a bell will ring.
How useful it is, huh..?
Still it is what keeps me going on with a lil' bit of hope ahead. If such colorful moments did happen in the past, it's not completely impossible that it will happen in the future.

The other day I was telling a co worker and friend some of the amazing things that happened in my life. She commented " That´s scary..!", but in fact I think she thought I was lying. I dunno myself why I sometimes still engage in telling people these stories.  Maybe it's my karma: a storyteller who can not tell her own story. They'll say one "Forrest Gump" is enough.

It's not my fault. It's my life.

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