Monday, October 29, 2012

Under her light

So, the moon is full again. At the end of the work day, I went out for a smoke and saw that huge red ball in the sky that mesmerized me for a long time - I couldn't take my eyes out of her and that was the magical moment of my monday. Needless to say what came to my mind by then, but that sure raised my spirit higher a bit.
I can feel the winds of change blowing stronger into my life. Yesterday I printed the first 40 pages of my masterpiece - well, at least the first part of the drafts of what shall be my first novel to reach out of the drawers. Of course I think it's shit, but I pooped it myself, so even if I never get to turn it on a bestseller, at least I'll know a piece of me will live forever through my stories. The best part of me, probably. Yeah, I know, I'm not big deal.

I also started considering some big decisions that shall take place on a nearby future. I am seeing things clearer now, this makes me feel safer. And warm hearted.

Maybe it's time to follow the lucky rune.

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