Saturday, October 6, 2012

Red nights over the city lights

Everyone expects something from a saturday night, but me. When I was still too young to care, saturday nights were the best, funniest time of the week. Then I grew responsible and religious and saturday nights meant the best, most illuminated moments I lived. Now I'm just fucking lost and the best I expect is a good movie on TV. Or a whole night asleep. If everything works more than fine, maybe I can get some interesting online chatting, especially if he's drunk, lonely and up for some spicy conversations. But I haven't been this lucky.

I'm so haunted by memories that my mind's been working somewhat as a time machine. One thought and I can be back, one step and I can change history. There he is, sitting in the rocking chair, watching something. I came from the bathroom, feeling my body hot and scented, wearing nothing but a towel, but he didn't take his eyes off the screen. So I took the black and white scarf I had left over the bed and approached him from behind. If he wasn't seeing me, he wouldn't see nothing at all.

-What the..? - He was surprised when I quickly blindfolded him with the scarf. Then I got to his front to shut him up with a kiss. Totally undressed, sitting leg spreaded on his lap, I was pressing my whole body against his. I could feel my pussy drooling and guessed the wet stain on his jeans while his big hands grabbed my ass. His hard-on was about to explode his pants, when I let my body slide down and kneeled to his feet, unzipping his cock I was so willing to taste. I couldn't get my eyes of his expression. His eyes were still blocked with the scarf, he throwed his head back and was curling his lips in a delightful expression. Moanings of pleasure were my guide through his favourite movements, and every little sound he made was driving me even more aroused. I took of his pants, spreaded his legs - I was licking and sucking his dick from the head to his asshole, a hot meat popsicle smearing me all over, his taste and his wheezing driving me out of control.

I climbed and sat on his lap, swallowing all that stick with my moisted cunt, I moaned out loud with every inch he was shoving inside me, we were both wet of sweat and sex, and the smell of his skin was indecently pleasant to my wildest female instincts. I needed to copulate with that alpha male, my body was urging to be fulfilled with his hot sperm, and I moved my hips as crazy, up and down to his cock, as languid and hard as a real latina mistress.
His breath was getting shorter as his face was contracting in uncontrolable pleasure expressions. I felt it coming as I moved in a way to make his cock rub exactly where I needed to. He was still grabbing me by my ass, spreading it open and softly touching my pulsating and moist ass. I took the scarf off his face one second before I cum.

-Look at me.

His wide open eyes were glowing. I was looking deep into it and gritting my teeth while I felt the shockwave of the overwhelming orgasm start to take over my body. I wasn't moaning but screaming, by the time he couldn't keep his eyes open anymore.His moaning turned into a savage roar when he spurted his hot cum inside me so strong I could feel the pression.

Still connected, feeling the aftershocks, we kissed deeply and embraced in silence, enjoying the sound of our heartbeats in synchrony. Night was finally falling onto that city.
Not this one I see now through the window, where the only shade of red upon me comes from the glimmer of the urban lights.

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