Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Eju Orendive*

In centralwestern Brazil there is a people called Guarani Kaiwoá. For centuries they lived on these lands, actually no one nowadays can really precise for how long original indigenous peoples have been living in the brazilian forests. I am for the fact that America was never "discovered": the ancient civilizations that were lightyears ahead of european lifestyle by then were actually robbed and plundered. And this violent colonization sowed a culture that despises their own origins, where everything that comes from outside seems more valuable and worthy than their very own blessings. Great companies and wealthy people, even the government don´t think twice on trading everything for money. And, of course this money never benefits everyone equally.
Now there is all this world buzz about Belo Monte. In case you don't know, Belo Monte is an hydroeletric power plant that is getting built to be the biggest on the planet, and ensure electric energy for south american countries. Problem is that it will ruin natural curses of the rivers, expell indigenous people from their homes, fuck up nature and traditional living, in sum. All this just to make money that, of course, ends up in wrong places. Cattle raisers and big agricultural business also have their great share of guilt in this tragedy. But who gives a crap about natural resources and middle of nowhere villages, if you can buy your place in heaven?

These Guarani Kaiwoá people are tired to fight. They sent a letter to the government department that were supposed to take care of indigenous, saying that they just can't take it anymore. And if the white people want, they can go there with a truck to dig a giant collective grave for the bodies of the 100 adults and 70 children that no longer can go on living like that, having to struggle for the right of staying on their very own land of their ancestors. Because of the speed of the communications and medias, right now the whole Brazil and the world are shocked by the news, and maybe this reactions might change something - at least while the issue is making headlines. But this is definitely is not a recent turbulence: the massacre have been going on for decades in silence, and will go on after people find a more interesting subject such as the last chapter of the soap opera, carnaval or the soccer finals.

* "Come with us", in Kaiowá language.

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