Monday, May 7, 2012

♥ attack

It was a dark,stormy night. The sun was shining upon the blue sky and there were birds and butterflies everywhere as she wrote on a sheet of paper:

           " I love you. Not like when we say that to a friend, nor like in " I love ice cream". I truly don´t want to compare you to a bar of chocolate or an afternoon at the beach - and sure I love those things too. I mean, I really love you. Like as if my heart was empty everytime I miss you. As if I had finally found love in a hopeless place. Well, it´s not that hopeless afterall, for I did find you...
 I want to embrace you, cover you in kisses, I want to smile at you looking deep into your shining eyes. I want you to raise me up and spin me around until we both want to throw up. We´ll literally roll on the floor, laughing. We´re good at it. And if we´re ever going to cry, let´s do it together.

        Love will hurt us eventually, I´ll suffer with or without you by my side, because that´s what life is: not always easy, not always funny: hardly the fairytale some stupid girls might believe. Love itself ends up to show what it is really made of, and it´s more for us in it than just happiness. There is growth, fellowship, conscience, evolution, and such great gifts are not always reached by easy paths.
 You´ve gotta love the one through whom you receive these lessons, or else life would be just way too hard, if you only get slapped by your enemies all the time you are just breeding hate. The lessons we learn comes from the hands we love.

       What I am saying is that if life would suck anyway, it would suck less by your side. Life´s not perfect, nor me, nor you. But damn, if I could only enjoy more of both..! I want to be with you and wake you up every bad hair morning, say hello with you to every sunshine, I want to find out what are the favourite dishes you are yet to try, I want to find out every little thing that would slowly drive you mad, I want to find everyday a new day to surprise you and make you believe I was made for you as much as I think you ´re the one for me.  I wish this deeply with every little beat of my heart. I want to be the arms you run to when you need and want. I want to smell like confort and trust to you. I want to know what it takes to fill your eyes with tears of joy, and I will dedicate the whole rest of my life in bring them to water the flowers that we´ll grow together.

        Still all I can for the future is to wish. For now is living, and I chose this feeling. Life is already perfect. I´ll love you forever. For better, for worse. No one could take your place. There is no happy ending for us.
 Just happy.

Hope you still remember. And call me when the moon is full. "

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