Wednesday, May 2, 2012

A moment of bliss

I have no idea whatta fuck I am doing to my life, but truly, I feel good. There´s something telling me my time had finally arrived.
I never had too much ambition in life anyway, and ended up I have it all. What more could I ask for? I´m so in love with myself now and with my life, I´m ready for new challenges, new balances and horizons. There´s a whole new me to unfold and this feels so magical. I just stepped out one stage and am about to start a new chapter of my so crazy story, that if it wasn´t my own life, truly, I´d never believe it.

- May I have this dance..?

I want to fly
I want to be
I want kiss eternity
I have a dream
I have a time
Tomorrow is a friend of mine
To you and me...

We are free.


  1. Replies
    1. Means that it was probably made by one of Andi Deris' screaming fangirls.
      Nevermind the video, it´s the song that matters, ok?


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