Saturday, May 19, 2012

A night to remember

Just came home from the Unisonic concert. What a blast! After a long time without actually seein a good, great heavy metal gig, that was sure a present from the gods. Well, maybe not from the gods, but from a dear friend who sure became dearer after this night. We saw the concert from the very VIP section and I danced, screamed and sang my lungs off as I haven´t been doing in such a long time, and for sure I don´t remember getting this wild anytime before. I went completely crazy from the very first song and wasn´t even me there when they finished the gig with Helloween´s "Future World" and then "I Want Out". Brought back memories.

After that we still were up enough to a last drink, so we went to a 7-11. A lot of Sonata Arctica, Cain´s Offering and histories of times to come. Big finish for a night that I´d say it´s the first of a lifetime ahead.I´m back.

Let the good times begin again..!

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