Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Crossing the line

I´m getting pretty pissed  with the attitudes of some men I know. Truly. I am starting to think that maybe I´m not just a little bit conservative: maybe I´m  just way too fucking square for this world nowadays.

In fact, when it comes to sex among overage people I believe that everything counts as long as everybody is having fun. But I don´t know how things got to the point that, since I got divorced, I´m getting to realize I´m the only one in the world who´s not into cheating. I didn´t cheat on my ex, and - to whom it may concernt - I won´t cheat on YOUR GIRL either.

I´m just amazed by the number of taken guys who dared to ask me for a casual encounter. And they are not even strangers: all of them are my friends. Really: my friends! People I know and sometimes have been knowing for ages, I know some of their wives, for God´s sake..! More than a handful of my married / engaged / commited somehow friends actually made a move on me as soon as they knew I was divorced..! Some of them, even long before I tell them.

Really, I prefere to think they had heard the news from somewhere.

I know it´s not up to me to end our friendship for that: each one knows what´s good to its own...But I think it´s pretty sad. Some of these guys are good guys I´d think were perfect husbands if they had never made a move on me being married. Worse: most of them even make it clear it´s not about commitment or relationship.. Just a "friendly time" or something. What the heck do they take me for?? This just makes me sad. Where did all the respect go? No wonder trust is so hard to get nowadays..!

Am I overreacting? What would you feel if you knew your partner is doing the same to your relationship? Just harmless fun, isn´t it? Unless you tell me right now that you truly wouldn´t matter because you have a very clearly open relationship, I doubt you´d think that this kind of fun is healthly acceptable.
And just to make sure I´m not being hypocrite here, I´ll confess once again that yes, I´ve been the girl, I´ve been the other girl, and exactly because of that I know that what comes around goes around. I was young and stupid and a fucking bad girl that didn´t give much of a crap to other people´s feelings, but I learnt my lesson the most freackingly painful way, before I even met my ex-husband.

So, here´s the deal, once and for all:

If you´re taken, don´t waste your time on me.I can´t waste mine while there´s so many interesting singles out there. And if you´re really my friend, you´ll introduce me to your wife and we´ll enjoy family barbecues.Because I´m this worthy.

If you´re going to fuck up your life, fuck yourself.


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    1. Thanks, I´m searching for the movie already.
      And sending the register of all the internet conversations and cell phone calls to their wifes and girlfriends.
      If they think I´m a bitch, they have no idea..!


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