Monday, May 28, 2012

Morning thoughts

I feel sorry for these people who are always complaining about how miserable their lives are for one reason or another that lies usually in their very own hands. And I feel that I have mine tied up, because no matter how much I appreciate the ones in question, I can´t just go there and say: "Yeah, you´re way too fat, and truly I have no idea how you expect to fix it having tequila the way you do!" or "Yeah, your boyfriend is an asshole, so why the heck are you still with him if he doesn´t even fulfill your lower expectations?". Even better: "So you cheat on your wife because she´s too jealous and this bothers you...never thought she can be jealous exactly because you´re a cheater?"

I´m not saying this because I have no complicated relationships or problems, in fact I´m a master on the subject. But one thing I kinda got to get rid in my life was  self-pity. If I´m fat, I know exactly why. If I don´t like my body, exercise will do better than mumbling. And isn´t that obvious that I have a totally fucked up love life? Believe me: if I stick to the son of a dear, either he´s too good to miss or I´m crazy. I am completely aware of the answer I chose and I´m quite happy with it.

Am I truly a good friend to the ones I can´t help?
I´m starting to question this.

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