Thursday, May 24, 2012

Keeping the flow

Truly, I don´t like to use this blog as a deposit for my complaints, but in fact I feel more likely to post here when I´m down, pissed off or way to horny to have a decent conversation with anyone without getting too offensive. By now I´m pretty sure you´re all aware of how much this lack of sex stresses me and how I do deal with it by fantasizing and posting naughty stuff. Though these days I noticed that my sexual desires are getting lower and lower, and I wonder if soon I´ll just forget about it. I don´t even feel like masturbating, writing or watching porn anymore, and I wonder if I should start to get worried about it. Mr. Red is gone, I wonder if he´ll ever come back to my dreams.

For you, naughty readers, I hope so. This will get really boring in no time if all you can get from me is my grumpyness. Or maybe not. I can asure you all I´m really good in bitching.

Both ways and someway.

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