Friday, May 25, 2012

Jäger typing

So, ol' Hamalka was walking down the street when she suddenly notice she was a guy. After peeing on a tree, she went on dancing and singing on the streets and decided it was more than time to go to bed, but she was afraid of leaving the fireplace burning unattended, so she enjoyed a bit more of the warmth and thought "Gee, if I´m waiting to all this fire to burn I´ll stay up to the morning and I have a busy day tomorrow, so maybe I could extinguish the fire by throwing some liquid on it!" Of course it was the dumbest idea ever and soon the house was all steamy in a way she could barely see her nose. Then downstairs comes her mother and asked what the hell was happening and ol´ Hamalka started to laugh making pretty obvious she´s been drinking again. "I´m happy"- she said - "And I think you should too, for it´s already friday, friday, gotta get down on friday..!"
Hamalka´s mom pretended she didn´t notice and went back to bed, as Hamalka went looking for some Coke (the drink, not the drug) and when she opened the refrigerator she found two coxinhas and ate it. Cold coxinhas don´t rule. At all. But Hamalka is hungry.
Then she remembered she didn´t have her workout routine and thought would be better to seize the moment, but tradmill jogging after "n" glasses of Jäger are not really useful to body health purposes, and thought "Gee, I am really in need of doing something instead of sleeping, for if I go to sleep right now I´ll just waste a good drunky-non-wasted-time." And Hamalka became a girl again and came back online to write all this nonsense just because she feels like it and wants to know how much shit she can write about nothing at all.

Just because I am Hamalka. Just because I can.


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