Sunday, May 27, 2012

Sun day again!

Another morning in Hamalka´s life to welcome the ones who just wanna have fun - but eventually fails.
I looked in the mirror while I was brushing my teeth and noticed that for a long time and in a bunch of occasions I tried to pretend being something I´m not, just not to bother some people that truly, I never liked. And these people mostly never liked me aswell. What for? I dunno, this human urge to fit in. In what? A world that it´s not worthy and is obviously falling apart. Why would I want to be part of it? I dunno.

There´s so many things in this world people dislike. And if you´re not in for the same things I´m searching for, maybe it´s better for us to split up, so noone will blame other later because of the chains that were never meant to exist. I might be too crazy for you, and you´re probably right. You´re way too normal for me and this world itself doesn´t fit me. Normal is boring.

BORING is all that I don´t want life to be. I dunno what comes next, so better to enjoy right now.

I´m alive and well!

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