Saturday, May 26, 2012

Shining now

Well, hello there!

I won´t make any comments on the past few posts, specially the Jäger-typing stuff. I only today noticed that even the layout is fucked up, and I have no idea why.
Yesterday, though, I was just incredible happy. Have reasons to. Have lots of. Just had one of these moments when you stop whining and look around, all the blesses you have, and you start thinking "Hey, maybe life doesn´t suck that much, afterall!" Eventually it will pass and I´ll be back to the same old grumpy me, but not today either. I´m still happy. The world may be going to shit, but I don´t feel like paying attention to it right now.

It´s very nice when someone says you´re good in what you do best. It´s very nice when you have friends you can call just to say how much you care. It´s very nice to go outside and see the sun is shining and your pockets aren´t empty. It´s very nice to look in the mirror and likes what you see.

It´s very nice to be me
At least for today.

Ol´Hamalka is feeling fine.

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