Sunday, May 6, 2012

Do you hear or fear, or do I smash the mirror..?

It´s easy to me or to anyone, I guess, to go out blaming on someone else for all we´ve been missing out of life. Point is that there´s no one to blame than myself. I was the stupid one. I allowed myself to be.
Why does good things as we call love and dedication ends up turning against us, keeping us from the real happiness? How in the world can one be so blindfolded that can´t even see self? How come I need a mirror to truly believe I exist?

I feel like Tommy Walker. Just went through times so hard that for a long time all I could see was my own shadow. So absorbed, so deep in myself trying to figure out how to live with the darkest inside me, that I just didn´t realize there was so much life outside myself. And a whole new world waiting for me to decipher, devour, decode. Where was I but wasting it?

If it hurts, therefore I´m alive. This should do.

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