Sunday, May 27, 2012

Step #1: Keep drinking

I was talking to a friend earlier today and he made me notice drinking should be something social. Yes, I completely agree. Point is that I am a writer, and there´s a million letters I can be social with, without having to take my butt out of the couch and go to a bar or something, or call someone. And just to make it clear: I´m not drinking because I´m sad or want to forget about something:I´m just doing so because I feel like it, I´m in the mood, I work hard and I pay my bills, so, get the fuck off if this bothers you anyhow.
 Besides, I don´t know anyone at the moment I´d call to share a drink with me right now. To be sincere, most of the people I know this days either have a life or don´t have a brain at all.  No, I´m not in the mood of marrying the night, I´m not up to go out huntng for sex , I don´t even want to make any new friends: I just want to have a drink and a nice time conversation, that´s all. But it seems to be too much to ask, without having to deal with endless conversations about meaningless relationships or without having to make clear all the time to the guy that it´s not a fucking date.

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