Monday, May 28, 2012

The Labyrinth

Are you afraid of yourself
When left alone at night
Nothing but silent truth
Whispering loud inside your mind
Can´t take it
She will remember your name
When gone in misery
The spiral gets downwards
To the dark hell you can not see
She´s blinded
Roses can make you bleed
Sharp thorns deep inside of your skin
You love the beauty that will drain you weak and steal your soul
Choose your way, you cannot stay
Choose your death, it won´t be late
Don´t forget this life is short and you can start to count your days
There´s no point in wait for more
We´ve been through it all before
Caught in wires on the trap you took so long to build for your own fate
Remember the only reason you use the same words
Is that you don´t speak the same tongue
Communication is a fail
Misunterstood as blessing
Creative creatures creating the perfect stage scene
A mix of joy, wonders and pain that hurts from within
Play the game you always win
Same old safe home, same rotten dream
Following Ariadne´s trail of tears

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