Saturday, May 5, 2012

Big city nights

Really, I tried to get crazy tonight. I was really in the mood of painting the city red, but somehow, thanks to my usual luck, everything went wrong from the start. So, here I am: home in my pajamas, drinking a glass of pure cognac, smoking - of course - and writing about a long time ago.

I´m sick and tired of this big city life. It´s just too much rush, noise, pollution, and very little love among the huge skyscrappers everywhere. Point is, if this metropolis is great to the ones who dream of make a living, I´m way too little greedy to take this shitty life forever. I never thought about getting millionaire, I just want a little love from this life before the show is over.
I´m strongly thinking about taking another great leap and just leave. I actually have somewhere to go, all it takes is courage. I´m brave enough to cross the planet, but blood freezes if the future is just around the corner. That´s me.

I am Hamalka.

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