Monday, May 14, 2012

Up date

What a fucked up week / weekend. And the nightmare is just beginning.

My job is freaking killing me. I just found out I have no patience whatsoever to deal with rich spoiled girls, and even less with people who has no money, but a lot of prepotence. Humbleness is a blessing, my dears, and sure money can't buy you class. Get real.

Back to the practics: everyday I have more and more stuff to do. Stuff which, by the way, I don´t have a clue about. The good point: I´m learning a lot of new things. The bad point: if I screw things up, it will sure be my fault. Modern companies don´t seem to care if you have experience, but if you have the guts of taking the challenge. "I´m game". Will eventually wreck it all at some point, but who wouldn´t? If they want to push me through, I want to see how far I can get.

Anyway, I´m outta here soon...Days are numbers.

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