Thursday, May 24, 2012

Bored ´til death do us part

Yes, I know. It´s been a fucking long time.

Actually, still I don´t have much to write about here. I´ve been doing some boring office work, and since I´ve been spending most of the day at the office and I get home wasted of working everyday, I don´t really feel like sitting again in front of the computer and writing whatsoever. A few good things happened, nothing extraordinary. Didn´t have any really bad news yet, so I´d say life´s going okay.
To be sincere, life´s getting into that funny loops when no matter how hard I try to screw things up, they end up kinda right. Not that I´m willing to ruin my own life, just that I started to not give a flying rats ass for a bunch of stuff I do should worry about, but I don´t feel like it. My job, particulary. And other things that were draining the hell out of me and really doing bad for my skin.
I bet it´s the damn hormones. I always knew that lack of sex makes us uglier. I know because I was a creepy creature until I lost my virginity, and since then I probably didn´t spend so much time without sex like now, and I´m butt ugly again, so there´s no way I´d say it´s just a coincidence.
What else? My father´s favourite dog is dying. Of course it´s sad, but when you have in mind that the dog was taken out of the street as a sick puppy 20 years ago, I wonder if any pet could have had a better life. Gee, I wish someone would take me off this lonely cold empty love street my life is , take me home and love me forever until I die of aging.
And speaking of cold, it´s still a damn freezing cold weather outside.
And dropping.
I´m not sure if I believe in global warming anymore.

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