Tuesday, December 11, 2012

A little bit of existentialism

It's funny to be an human. To be having this life experience is something so unique, and people don't usually pay attention to it. I bet there is at least one very interesting thing about being oneself to everyone. Definitely there is a lot of interesting things about being me, I think. First is my appearance that doesn't match my personality at all. Not counting by my height, I guess there's nothing about my looks that expresses my essence. And if you think this conversation is weird, you should try the feeling of looking in the mirror and thinking "Who the fuck are you?".

Second, the absurd luck that I've got that the most amazing things seem to take place in my life. I still don't get it how come is it possible that I'm all the time living through something that seems to be one in a million chances. I'm not a person who sees an opportunity on every occasion: things just happen. And most of them, money can not buy.

Third, the long list of little pleasures we can only get as humans... sex and gastronomy. I could also say music, but I think music, as probably every other form of art and inspiration, is a more spiritual experience, a pleasure for the soul way beyond the senses. That's - I think - the reason why it's so nice to listen to music, we love background soundtrack in the movies and stuff.

And sex. Sex is great. It is so good, that some people even get crazy on it. I'm talking about that people that are either too promiscuous or too prude, either can't turn down sex or classify humans as hetero-homo according to their sex preferences as if it mattered more than character itself. I might not understand what makes someone gay, as much as I truly don't understand why I should care about it. I know what I want and what my butt is up to. Whatever others do to their own butts, is their business, and was never something I was bringing to consideration when making friends for all tastes.

There are stil a lot of things to be enjoyed about simply being alive, at this time, on this planet. I've been living wonderful moments that brings me the most overwhelming feelings to build amazing memories. We have technology, we can travel, we have incredible resources for audio and video productions, we have communication. It's a nice time to be here. It's a nice time to be me. And you. And all the human life that might be reading this lines now.

Every life is extraordinary.

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