Thursday, December 13, 2012

Em. pt .y

So, as it always happens, no matter how much I make plans, life comes over and changes everything I thought I knew about my close future. I quit my job on monday and I was ready to spend, I dunno, two or three months unemployed. But it's only thursday and I'm already working on a new office, on a new job. And this because it isn't easy to find a job down here. I have always been lucky, this I know. But I'm just starting to consider that maybe my work isn't so shitty as I thought either.

The new office is cool. People are nice and I'm thankful I'm back to creative working again. I'm also making quite good money in a very nice neighbourhood.

Still, must be something missing. Still I don't feel like smiling.
Still, I'm not feeling happy.

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