Saturday, December 1, 2012

Again, that greasy pleasure.

  I've been thinking a lot about one of the greatest fascinations of mankind: bacon. It's funny how everytime I open my Facebook there is people talking about love, cats and bacon. Everyday I receive at least two posts mentioning these subjects. Love is food for the soul. The cats were worshiped as gods in the ancient civilizations and it seems we never forgot it (neither did them). And bacon...well, not counting a few vegan friends I have, it's probably the favourite ingredient of everybody else I know.
              A couple of months ago,a British association of pig breeders announced that the world may experience a shortage of bacon next year. This would happen because the corn used to feed the pigs is getting way too expensive, in result of the droughts in the United States, so they have to slaughter the animals before they get to the mature point - when they're good for bacon.
             Well,bacon is not essential for our lives. Even less than sex, though I read somewhere online that Canadians choose bacon over it. In fact,if you google for sex + bacon you'll find that a lot of people connect the two subjects. I choose to think it's only because both are very pleasant. If there is actually some fetish about bacon, I'm not sure if I'm ready to know...
              But let's get real: bacon is unhealthy almost as much as it is delicious. Not illegal, maybe not imoral, but sure is fattening. As everything good on this Earth, it had to be one of the three.
               And it's universal. We can find bacon and people who love it pretty much all over the world. In my culture,though, it's not common to have bacon as breakfast.
               Maybe this explains why I'm not a morning person...

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