Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Bit unmasked

Everytime I read twice any of the posts of this blog, I kinda feel disappointed at my ability of written communication. Some things really could use an emoticon to a better explanation, but I'd hate myself for flooding this blog with emoticons. Emoticons are silly and I am supposed to be sexy and mysterious.
As you can see, I have a problematic personality, and the problem is that it shows (a smiley would really be useful here). At some point it will always come out to ruin any possible mature impressions that one may have of me.I will come up with a totally unfit funny observation that I know I should keep to myself.

 Like the day I was still quite new at the office I was working. There was this guy who was always singing the new hit "Oy, oy, oy!" , but all the time he sang it " Yo, yo, yo".  I had noticed that, but of course I would never make any comments on that to anyone. What for? Let the guy sing and be happy..!

But there was the day our boss actually said, on a friendly talking "The song goes "oy, oy, oy", but you are all the time singing "yo,yo,yo". Why?

And now comes that moment when I knew I should keep my mouth shut than ever, but the answer that I almost said out loud gave me such a laughing acess that of course they noticed I was laughing at her question, so I was forced to say:

 "He 's been singing in front of the mirror..."

See? I'm a basket case, don't even bother. You know you're only here for the porn... =)

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