Sunday, December 16, 2012

Remember February...

I was just making the famous "year-end cleaning" in my computer and found this pretty worthy sharing...

Showtime. He left backstage to the lights of another venue, his eyes are hurt by the reflectors as he tries to figure out the crowd standing. It seemed that everybody was there, but her.

He knew she wasn't coming. A reason more to be wherever. He smiles and nods with his head, sits and take a sip of whatever there was to drink. Smiles to a small group of girls in front of him, taking pictures. Give it up, she's not there.

Song after song he's letting himself go to the heady effects of music and alcohol. Almost happy as the night went on, he at some point caught himself looking to the bar entrance and smiled at her prediction. He doesn't bother facing the lights to take a better look around. He knows it just can't be. Life sucks.

As soon as the last note was played, his friend at the audience comes to say something. “I'm going backstage to do some stuff, then I'll be back to enjoy the evening afterall.” - that might be his excuse, or so. The ambient music was playing out loud and all the voices were again made notice. Anyway he turns away, takes his things and goes. Enters the desert dressing room without closing the door behind him. Still he hears a slam and looks back right on time of noticing that typical locking noise. “What..!” - he was been held hostage of a girl.

-The lights won't blind you now. -she says with an uncontrollable smile. She didn't wait for any reaction, no matter how much she would die to have a sight of the expression he would be holding at face, if he wasn't been violatedly kissed. Her lips tasted like a good whiskey and were hotter than moonshine, going all the way down up and down his mouth and ear as she was teasing him with her tongue. His hands wandered free all over her body wrapped only in a tight purple velvet dress, sometimes harder, than softer as if translating precisely the powerful discharge her skin contact meant. Oh how he loved that dirty princess, it sounded absurd to his thoughts to bother how come she was there. Better ask how come she was in his life. Again.

-You see, I´m not that cruel...You had your act. Now I'll have mine.

She was turning words into action as her hands worked fast on his pants. She pulled his underwear down using her teeth, and was actually swallowing him as whole when his music partner banged on the door.

-You there? Why is it locked?

He just couldn't think. Wasn't even able to figure the situation, and now it demands an answer. He looks at her, she didn't stop. She's licking his dick, sucking his balls out without taking her eyes off his and he notices that trampy smile in her eyes. She takes him off her mouth and then swallows again almost laughthing.

-Don't you realize that somebody may come in...

Still she doesn't stop, just start stroking him on a direction while she sucks in another. Her other hand was...

-What the fuck is happening there? Are you allright? - His mate bangs again.

-I'm fine, I'm going..! - he could barely say as he noticed she was pulling her breasts out of her dress, pinching her nipples to his hips and going deeper on her throat. He was swating as she could feel his heartbeat inside her, throbbing.

Some voice outside said “He might be with some girl..” and another voice – a female – answered “ No, I was the last person to leave backstage before seeing him going there by himself.”

He probably didn´t notice that, he was trying desperatedly not to scream nor letting her laugh out loud. She was moving faster and going stronger, her lips and tongue went all way in, out, up, down, across – he couldn´t possibly figure anymore. She squeezed his cock between her tits and sucked him gently til he cum inside her mouth. But she didn´t swallow it all: she let it go on purpose, dripping on her breast, her mouth, her face, herself.

The door was opened. She jumped. Laughthing, the little bitch.

-Get outta here! - he said

-Where should I vanish for? - she goes to the toilet, blowing him a kiss

-What was happening in there? Are you alone? - his friend asked, as a bunch of people came in along.

He didn't started coming up with an answer yet. The loud sound of the toilet flush annouced that he'd have a lot to explain.

What about she, just wouldn´t bother say a word. She wasn't even figuring what the heck they were saying in that foreign language.

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