Thursday, December 6, 2012

Spiritual art

         Last night, Oscar Niemeyer passed away. Less than a week before he turns 105. For those who might not know, Oscar Niemeyer is the greatest brazilian architect. He was a comunist, but was financially supported by the government. He was an well knowed atheist, but of course there was a catholic mass in his honour. And now everybody in the Facebook seems to know one of his very wise Yoda-like quotes, and follows it with all the heart.
            I don't really care about the guy's life's inconstancy. Everyone of us humans have our own paradoxes. I doubt that any of the people that accuse Niemeyer of living on the public money, would refuse to receive any benefits the government would offer. Either comunist or not. This doesn't take off his merit of being an amazingly great architect. His touch of genius wasn't so sutil that only true appreciators of the art would get it. It was a talent so obvious that seemed great from the simplier to the fanciest points of view.

            The guy had an amazing gift - and had a long and comfortable life because of it. I guess it's a dream for anyone who can dream at least a little. And he worked to the end, and he loved what he did. Married, with kids and legacy with over a century in this planet. It's quite a reward.

               Of course he wasn't perfect, if he was he wouldn't be wandering this Earth, but he was lucky enough to be born and raised on an age when humanity is evolved enough to appreaciate his art, and his dreams could take form through the modern technology.

             What comes in the afterlife it's something we all will definitely know someday,but stil to most of us it seems a knowledge so out of any acceptable definition right now. The only thing I am sure is, that the truth about what happens it's just one and the same for all human beings. But I can't say whether beliefs or religions are either right or wrong. So, it's not usually something I take as criteria for figuring out someone's character. In fact I think it's very interesting to know and make contact with different people with different points of view on that, so if I can't figure what it's called God in all Its wonder, at least I can understand more about humanity and humans, knowing about what we believe in.

             Troubled but good essences, may produce overwhelming arts, but the real bad essences just can't. It's a matter of sensibility: creative people are natural sensitives, and that's precisely what makes them creative. But to be sensitive doesn't mean that one will be all the time sensing good stuff. Like our nose that its not only useful to smell the roses, but it also to sniff the manure.

             Well, whatever happened to Niemeyer's essence and no matter people are honouring or crucifying him on the social medias, it's all taking part now. And I doubt it can be anything that bad about his existance, for although I didn't know him in person to say he was a great personality, I don't think anyone with such a refined sense of art could be that terrible person. It's not that media and common sense never takes bad people as talented idols, but you can always recognize heaven's sent from hell bent. Even when they're wearing that "evil" pose. Yeah, like "Megamind". Or "Despicable Me". Or some people I know. You know. And mostly everyone knows someone who likes to wear that "evil" looks, but is all heart from inside. I wish I could be one of this persons.

             But I'm afraid I'm actually plain trouble indeed.

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