Monday, December 24, 2012

Waiting for Santa...

Of course I would do it. Just for the fun that I said I would.

I took a long bath with scented bubbles, red rose petals, rare salts and special herbs, surrounded by instrumental sexy metal and having a fine glass of champagne. Nothing as fancy as you might probably imagine, but confortable enough to let my own imagination wander.
I dried my body with the softest black towels, put on the best bedwear, the perfect matching colors. Everything as tidy as it should, to make it perfect.

Remember that "Bonded by Love" story when I said I was wearing a new nighty and got ripped away? Well, after that I had to buy a new "for the occasion" sleeping apparels, and I had chosen a baby pink underwear, full of laces, a real dish. Something Baby Spice would wear in your wettest dreams.- yeah, I'm "Spice Girls" old.

I decided tonight would be the occasion. Then put my hair in a ponytail, some make up on - not to make me look younger, but actually to make believe I'm trying to look older. If Santa really had a thing for little girls, he would feast on my body tonight - with a clear conscience, since I'm aged enough to fake being sixteen. And believe me: when I was actually sixteen, no one would want to see me wearing a sexy baby doll. I had other interests, anyway...

So, by midnight there I was. I heard the churches bells and the firecrackers all over the city. People shouting "Merry Christmas!" from their two million dollars apartments, or from the streets where they live as beggars, as robbers, as ghosts. I can hear everybody out there. Here, I don't say a word, for there is noone to listen. I had called my family earlier and said I'd probably be sleeping by midnight, and didn't care for the time, as long as I could say I love them. Why not? If Chritsmas is a day like everyday, its also a great opportunity to saying this to the people you do love. Love is not an offense you should hold back, instead is something you'd want to share...everybody likes to feel loved. =) . Tonight I chose to be alone. I have no idea why. It's not sad or depressing as whole, but it's boring as hell, so I had to keep myself interested. I was free to do any kind of crazy stuff I'd like to.
And I kinda chose to rape Santa under the christmas tree by the chimney. I had thought about that all and made some ambientation. I leaned myself on the sofa, drinking some wine, and I presume I passed out.
The fat old blue eyed guy from Finland never showed up, but still my dreams were interrupted by a glimpse of Red.

- Come on, I'll take you to bed.
- I was waiting for Santa..! - I struggled to wake.

- I can see that, you're dressed as the sluttiest cartoon character ever...
-And how does it suits me?
-Hot as a thousand hells...
-So, you think the old man would like it? 
-Santa is not coming. - he smiled - You've been a bad girl.
-How come..?- I flashed him my innocence eyes.
-Little girls should not be wearing this kind of nighties...specially when there are guests around. - he said, snapping my transparent thong.
-You're not my daddy to say what I should or not to wear...
-No, I'm your older kinky cousin - he laughed- and I'll tell you a story about Santa if you sit on my lap...- He sit on the armchair and put me on his lap, letting his hand upon my leg. "What would you ask Santa if you had been a good girl this year?" - He was moving his fingers through my thighs.
- World peace! - I blinked.
-Too bad, this whole world will be damned just because you misbehaved...
-I always knew I was up to something big.
- You definitely are...- he placed my hand on his hard-on that was showing. I didn't remember paying attention before to the sight of his cock growing under his pants. It was really tempting to reach, but I couldn't. So, when he drove my hand to his hot stuff, I didn't try to take it off, I was actually enjoying. I wanted to explore it, but was feeling terribly shy. What if I squeezed it too much? What if didn't know how to handle it?

Meanwhile, his hands were moving up to in between my legs. I was feeling his fingers tangling on my g-string thong. By then I knew that if I really had to stop him, I'd be in big trouble, for I sure wouldn't want to. The soft way he was moving forward -  cautiously, as if ready to a sudden stop - was totally irresistable. I was so obviously dripping wet. And he was so about to find it out with his own fingertips. With the first moisted contact my heart started beating faster.

-You're so wet... - He said. I was shaky, trying to control the feelings for not to jump on him, rip his pants out and fucking him to death. I had my hand paralized on his cock. - You wanna see how big it is? - He unbottoned his jeans and put his dick out. It wasn't the first time I was seeing that, but somehow, felt like it was. And he has a beautiful, tasty cock. Even if it was really the first time I was face to face to one of those, I am pretty sure my instinct would also be saying the same thing : "Sit on it and ride it until you feel your pussy is on fire..."

He could guess my lustful thoughts for he was feeling my pussy throbbing at his fingertips. I wanted him to finger me but I wouldn't dare to ask. He held me tight to his body and kissed me softly on my cheeks, I could stop looking at his cock that by that time I was already caressing. " Go's like a lollipop. Like ice cream, but hotter."
 I grabbed him with both hands, stroking him carefully, licking its head. As an ice cream, just that it wasn't melting, instead getting harder on my hands. I was each time getting it bit deeper into my mouth.

-Do you want to feel it inside your pussy?
-I'm afraid...
-It won't hurt, you see... - he started pulling one finger inside me. Slowly in and slowly out. - You're not actually a virgin - he smiled at me, sneaking out of the acting context. I sucked him as he was gently impaling me with his long fingers. Definitely, no innocent girl would submit to that scene. "You are a bad girl" - he slapped my butts. "And this is what you'll get for X'mas" - he gently pulled my head to his cock, and then took it off my mouth. "I want you to sit on my cock with your pussy..."

I embraced him face to face, grabbed his cock and started dipping its head on my cunt. Inch by inch, looking straight into his eyes. I was so focused on the senses, the feelings, that I ended up loosing balance and his hard-on almost ripped me at once. We both moaned, he embraced me tight and started banging my pussy. 
"Good girl".

-You just said I was a bad one..!
-Yes, and for this you got spanked, but now you're making me very happy...I'm not santa but I have a gift for you...

He held me closer and filled in my pussy. I came two seconds after him and the shocks made me spit out all his load in a squirt. All that energy exploded, leaving me exhausted. We just stayed there, wasted on each others arms, and later he'd finally carry me to bed.

Like a child.

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