Monday, December 24, 2012

Still I didn't learn...

Tonight I'm feeling indecent. Bit amused, bit jealous and full of an urge of having you the dirtiest way. I need to be on top and below you, to smell your skin and taste your lips so thirsty of mine. Damn me for loving you this much, damn this body that craves for your touch. I let my mind wander a bit and in a moment I'm crawling upon you, smacking your face with my hair that you now feel caressing down your body. You feel my tongue swirling around the tip your cock, my hard nipples rubbing against your thighs, I have my both hands and my mouth working on you. But you're a strong guy, you can grab my hips and turn me around, pulling aside my lacey g-string panties. I have your tongue fucking me while your hands madly squeeze and spread my ass. Hold me closer, pull me down: fulfill my throat with your dick and feel my wet lips touching your balls. I wanna moan as you abuse me, I'll sob while you spank me, and scream your name out loud when you first bang me deep. Feed me with your hot load in every hole and give me that looks that makes me feel like a goddess being fucked by an angel.

Maybe you're fallen and I'm just a tramp.

But who cares..?

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