Saturday, December 22, 2012

We're still here..!

So, the world didn't end. Damn it. I had already chosen the outfit for the occasion. It really amused me the real concern some people had about some kind of apocalypse scheduled for yesterday. The Mayan calendar was over, so what? Doesn't our own calendar ends every december,31th? Poor Mayans, I just imagine if they ever knew they wouldn't live to see this moment. I bet it would be pretty special to them. Their apocalypse came earlier, afterall. And I'm pretty sure ours will also come someday, not by a catastrophy, but by mankind itself.

We're already living days of absurd values, when it's pretty normal and acceptable that you spend most of your time away from your own life, dedicating to a job that has nothing to do with your primary needs, and submitting our real life priorities to it. Even to go to the doctor, for example, I must excuse myself to my boss. I only go out to play with my daughter or visit my elderly grandma that won't be on this earth for much longer, when I am not working- it would seem almost absurd to skip a day at the office just to live a little. This is wrong, this is so not human. Okay: I have a job, and I actually like it, for since I have to make some money, I'm glad I'm doing it by selling my "talent" to people I like to be with, in a healthy environment.

 What takes me to the office everyday though, is either ambition or surrender: I have some targets, dreams I need money to achieve, and this job is nothing but a mean. And let's not discuss here how privileged I am for not depending on this or any job to survive, for that's precisely what I'm talking about: a lot of people is not working only for survival, not even to specific objectives, but for supporting unecessary luxury and status, while their actual lives await outside their meeting rooms and offline of the video conferences. And life, my dearest, does not get stuck in traffic. It passes, and before you even realize, your kids will be all grown up, you'll be old and rotting and your princess will be gone, maybe insane about her looks that fade, obsessed with plastic surgery and miraculous cosmetic, spending rivers of money in an useless attempt to be forever young, since there is no place in this society to the wrinkles of wisdom.

"To live is the rarest thing nowadays. Most people only exist." 

I can't just pass by. I prefere to think I came to this world to make it count. Not to impress others, but to get a great impression of this life. By the time I last close my eyes I want to be sure I laughed all I could laugh, cried everytime I needed to, tasted all the flavours I wanted to try, teached all I could offer and learnt all the lessons with my heart wide open as I keep it.

And that's why I love so shamelessly.

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