Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Chapter One: A new road

                   Still in bed, trying to hide from the tuesday. I am that kind of person who can stay in bed for hours, waking up and sleeping again. I never do that, though. The last time I remember just being in bed the whole day it was probably over years ago, when I was unemployed and single, at the comfort of my mommy's house.
                    It seems that things started to change in my life. Probably for better, though right now it seems pretty frightening. Not that I'm afraid of changes, I just sometimes feel lazy in embracing new opportunities in life, even when they are amazingly unmissable. I recognize in the past I let so much great things pass by only because I didn't want to face the new.
                    I still have, in front of some opportunities, that feeling of stepping back. But today I learnt to take these chances in despite of these feelings, because the gifts life gives to me are no ordinary. Some people work very hard, study way too much, makes huge efforts to be where I naturally find myself now, because "destiny" - or whatever you want to call it - put me here. And I'm not intending to sound cocky here, I'm not saying I'm better than these people or anyone. Still can't deny I'm a privileged - though I have no idea why.
                     Maybe luck is a road everyone may follow, but people seem to be too busy to stop and read the signs...

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