Wednesday, December 12, 2012


Periods are funny. Okay, maybe "funny" isn't the word for that. I don't think it's comfortable to walk around with that little diaper, but if the bleeding is something easily managed with different alternatives, the pain and the hormonal rollercoaster are not that controllable.
I am not that kind of girl who uses pms as an excuse. In fact, I mostly don't believe I have pms and the fact the whole world becomes shittier and the people gets more annoying on the week I'm having my periods is just coincidence. Or not even this: just that before the bleeding, I'm usually feeling fat, my skin usually gets worse, my womb hurts _a lot_ on the most unpredictable moments and I have this continuous urge to have sex. Yes, way more than normal. So, there is your recipe for a timebomb, and in order not to set the place on fire, forget the extinguishers and bring me a vibrator and a box of chocolates.

Or surrender.

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