Sunday, December 9, 2012

A secret so dirty

 I love anal licking. Both giving and receiving. And I love to lick and suck nice balls too. I know it's things guys usually don't like - or at least don't assume. I'm not getting into the reasons for one to take it or not, but fact is that it's a thing that really turns me on, and I usually don't try or suggest, because I can't predict the guy's reaction. So, you can breathe peacefully, if eventually having sex with me, for I won't rape anyone's manhood if not asked clearly for it.
But yes, I really enjoy it. And I don't remember telling this to anyone before making this public worldwide announce.

Now you can even think I'm sick, but at least a clarified sick..!

What's your secret?


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  2. Oh, yeah, how useful to say that to one I never had sex with..!
    Though now everybody knows, and definitely I'm not shagging everybody either...


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