Saturday, December 1, 2012

Watching over me

 Saturday night. Home alone again. How many times I wrote this already..? And I don't even feel like putting any efforts in reversing this situation. I don't miss that busy social life I used to have. And it's not like I am feeling old or grumpy or anything. Maybe it's just lack of good company. Maybe there's just nothing interesting to see out there anymore. I live in a big city where everything seems to be happening all the time, and big news are never big news for me. Or maybe it's all an excuse to go on with my 13-year-old-boy's behaviour, when playing videogame and watching porn seems to be the best thing to do on the leisure hours.

  That was precisely what I was doing earlier this evening: after half a day in front of the PS3, I went to my room to watch some dirty movies on my notebook. It's nice to find some good plotted ones, so I can follow the story until I get excited at the point of starting to play with myself. It was the story of a girl who was full of debts and was going to be evicted, so she decides to finally propose sex to a very rich acquaintance of hers, in exchange of the money to pay the rent. But the guy is married and full of sex fantasies he can't fulfill with his wife, for she's very prude. There was some sick stuff among his desires, but also pretty good scenes. At some point, she was feeding him chocolate she put inside her pussy to melt, and he was penetrating her with strawberries and enjoying that dirty fondue. He made her cum with a banana, and truly, I still dunno either if that was arousing or just plain bizarre. Anyway, my panties were so soaked I could feel my thighs wet.

  I was watching a bondage scene from the same movie, where the guy was giving her an erotic massage. As his fingers slid through her tightness - and she had quite a small pussy for a porn actress - I pulled my panties a little bit aside to rub my swollen clit. Slowly, so I could enjoy it the most I could before cumming. He started licking her, oh, I know the feeling. She moaned and I felt like closing my eyes, but didn't want to miss a thing of that view. I pulled my head back for a second, and noticed Mr. Red was there, observing me.

  -You're busted..! - he smiled. For a second, I blushed and didn't know what to do, but he whispered -"Don't stop".

  He came to me and spreaded my legs a little bit. I focused on the screen and continued touching my shaved pussy, partially hid by the thong I was wearing. He just ripped it out and stayed by my side, watching me caressing my pussy with the tips of my long pink polished nails. Even the armchair I was sitting on was starting to show a wet stain.

  - Insert a finger on it...You know you want it. - Red was whispering, and his voice and his hot breathe close to my neck were devastating. I put one finger in and out, slowly. Biting my lips and moaning, as he watched that. With my other hand, I started caressing my breasts. "Another one..." - he asked. I did it. "Now taste it..."

         I was madly sucking my fingers as if they were covered in melted chocolate. In fact it was an exciting flavour of sex and cum that made my mouth ready for my favourite dish. But he freed my breasts out of the strapless blouse I was wearing and started squeezing my tits from behind me, while we both watched the guy shoving his huge cock on that tiny pussy. Mr. Red was pinching my nipples that were pink and sore, begging for his mouth to bite and suck it. I could feel his dick on my back through his pants, as he leaned over to kiss me, his hands now holding my pussy opened, while I continued finger fucking myself. He pulled my hair down, forcing my head back, and took that big cock out, rubbing it to my face.
 I felt a drop of moist sliding to my asshole and I sobbed. "I need to suck you..." - I said. "Just say please." - he answered.

  -Please, let me suck you..!

  He rubbed his dick on my lips, taking it away everytime I meant to grasp it. "Keep your hands working" - he put my hands back to the middle of my legs. "I never saw your pussy as swollen as it is now, you little dirty bitch..! I won't make you cum this time, you'll have to work it on yourself."

  I started licking his balls, and he was sliding his cock to my lips, giving only the head for me to suck. The room was silent not counting for our moanings and the incredible loud sex the movie couple were having. The girl was riding the guy with his cock shoved on her asshole, all opened to the camera, a reverse cowgirl with her big boobs bouncing. An almost perfect scene, if not for the fact we could see she wasn't any wet, while I was dripping moisted.

  -You like to take it in the ass, don't you?
 -Yes..! - I whispered.
 -Say it. Loud.
 -I like to have your cock upon my ass until I beg for you to cum...

  He finally let me suck him. In fact he was fucking my mouth, shoving his dick down my throat and against my cheeks. Sometimes he stopped and begun wanking while I licked that hard hot tip. "I'm gonna cum." - I mumbled. So he turned over the armchair and aimed to my pussy, covering it with his load, without touching it. And feeling that warm jizz dripping to my clit I had one of the most overwhelming orgasms I could ever experienced.

  At least without being really touched. For as soon as my breathing came back to normal, I realized the movie had ended, and I was completely by myself again.

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