Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Chapter Two: Taking the first step

            It's weird to wake up knowing that life will be different from now on. I guess we experience these moments some times in our lives. When we start going to school or the day after the graduation, when we got married or divorced, the first morning you wake up to see the smile of your newborn, or when you move to a different country, city, neighbourhood or house. To everybody, at some point, comes a different dawning.

            Yesterday I quit my job. I had to do it, for I had this feeling I was quitting my life. I may not have money, beauty, fashion sense or any talent, but I'm a free spirit and I hate to feel I'm not making each minute count. I tried my best to focus on the fact I was working with a great friend and among a few really nice people I got to know, We could eventually have a few drinks while working, and this gave me an impression of social life somehow. Bullshit, I was still trapped in an office far away from home and where my heart is, performing a job well below my capacity.
             Well, not anymore.

             I still ain't sure about what comes next. But if even the longest journeys begin with one first step, I guess I'm well on my way.

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