Tuesday, June 19, 2012

All about me

Day...by day...by day...by day...I am not even counting anymore. I wake up everyday by 11 a.M, go to sleep by midnight, don´t plan or care about how the day will pass by. I don´t really have anything interesting to do, but wait. And since I fucking hate waiting, I don´t feel ashamed in sleeping more than 10 hours straight, or spending two or more days in a row without leaving the house. As if there was anything for me but stress outside. And I don´t want to get stressed: it ruins my skin. And I´ll need all my perfection in a few weeks.
I´m working on it. I was working out, actually, but kinda gave up. My thighs were getting too thick, and though it looked pretty nice in skirts,my pants were getting harder to fit in, and this is no good: I was dumb enough to shopping for the big event way too much time before the big day, and now I don´t have money to buy new clothes in case the ones I bought don´t fit anymore. Smarty me...

Now my worries are: should I grow my nails or keep it short? Should I dye my hair or bleach it? And what kind of accesories would go best with my new blouses?

Yeah, I´ll enjoy every minute of my right of being futile, useless, shallow. 
I know it won´t last, anyway.

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