Friday, June 22, 2012

Day 0: International credit

So, I woke up early (for my current standards), took a shower and went out to show the world my beautiful shining face. Yeah, there has been a lot of stuff bothering and putting me down, but I´m trying hard not to think about it, so let´s focus on what there is still good about my life.
I went to the bank to get a damn credit card. Not because I like it or even intend to use it , but I was told now there´s a rule about travelling overseas that demands an international credit card, so I´m taking one. I don´t want any problems with the immigration, and some people that have been there told me that I know nothing about a fucked up immigration process before getting through it at the very airport where I´ll get my first flight connections. Great.

I hate to go banking. I hate that damn "roulette" doors that makes me claustrophobic. And I have this terrible paranoia that the bank will be robbed exactly when I´m in there, and I´ll be the one taken for hostage. In fact I never suffered any of these big city distresses. I guess I just let my personal unsecureness get into my practical life. It will pass as soon as I find my self confidence back.

And get the hell out of this metropolis.

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