Saturday, June 23, 2012

Day 1: To Caesar what´s Caesar´s salad

So, part of the family got together today to celebrate the youngest girl's first birthday. A pity that my grandma wasn´t there, since she got this terrible cold. Blame it on the shitty weather.

I like kids parties. But I confess the best part is the food: birthday cake, sweets, lollies, hot dogs, popcorn and all this junk we don´t usually have all together at once, unless in occasions like these. I ate a lot, maybe too much, but I´m so skinny that would sound ridiculous if I say I care. 

By the way,I tried some outfits I intend to take on my Lonelymoon. Must confess I liked what the mirror showed me. I might not be in my best shape ever, but I can still break some hearts. Hope so. Hope not.

Actually I´m more interested in mending mine.

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