Sunday, June 3, 2012


 That´s what comes to my mind sometimes when I´m writing this. Why? What for? I don´t truly intend to offend anyone who might read that.
Well, actually it´s a good point to start... since I don´t really tell about this blog to anyone who might identify themselves with the (bad) stuff I write here. It´s more like an escaptre. Here I can badmouth these stupid girls, these butt ugly boys, and specially, the fucking crazy things about this world that I just don´t understand. Well, to be sincere, there´s just one thing in this Earth I don´t really understand: people. Not at all, not a bit. I wonder if you humans realize how senseless you are. And I know, I´m sure you don´t.

I´m just not sure myself if either I should laugh or cry about it. Lately, I´ve been mostly crying. But since I got more than aware that no matter what I or other people do, this _will never change_, I´m starting to think I´m better start laughing or else I might loose the only true chance of taking a joke out of this all.

before it´s too late

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