Sunday, June 3, 2012

Sober thinking

Okay, since this subject finally came from the bottom of my heart maybe I can write a few lines about it to wash this tears away.
The end of my marriage does hurt still. Not because of the person who left me. Actually time showed me that I am really happier without him. I´m finding myself again. This was more than a lesson to myself, that I should not give me up, for I´m more worthy and valuable than I actually knew, and I won´t forget that now in this new quest for a fairytale in life.
I just hope that lesson number two is not that there is no fairytales at all in this world. I´m not buying that. I´ve seen it happen, so if there´s no happy ending for me I can bleedingheartedly take it, but don´t you come telling me there´s no space for true happiness in this world. There is, I´ve even been there for a while, and damn, I won´t bury myself as long as I can live a second of it at least once again in this fucking existence.

Call me crazy, call me sick, whatever you might think, I´ll keep on thinking that you are the sick wackos. You´re already here, you´re already as human as everyone living in the face of this lighter layer of hell itself, and you still think it´s worthy to make things even more complicated and pessimist and worse than it already is. You´re fucking nuts!! F U C K I N G N U T S.

You know what? You may want to wallow in this threshold. I don´t. And even if this whole world is going to shit, I think at least the healthy decision to make would try to get out of it instead of digging to sink faster.

Over and out.

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