Friday, June 29, 2012

Day 7: High hells

When I was younger - and in fact, most of my adult life too - I was never knowed for my fashion sense. Actually still today I don´t give a shit for fashion: I have my own STYLE, baby..!
But few days ago something kinda funny happened: I went to a store and bought this pair of shoes I was pretty much sure everyone would think ridiculous, but I thought so fabulous that I bought it without even ask for the price - and this is the kind of thing I NEVER do. But I´m so lucky that it was actually incredibly cheaper than I thought - like half the half the price I had in mind.
When I got home, I was still so excited about my shoes that I took a picture and uploaded it to the internet. "Since Prince Charming is not coming, fuck the glass slipper".

Then, something inedit happened; all my friends who saw it went crazy and started me asking about where did I get those shoes from, how much did they cost, which brand it is...How come? They really liked it? Were they fancying something I chose and bought?

Wait it gets worse: They found pictures of the same pair and sites that sells them (at least twice the price) and are now posting them to social networks with captions like "Must have!" "I so wanna!" "Need soooo bad!" "Just wonderful!!" and stuff..


To some friends I actually told where I got the shoes. And for my surprise they actually went there and bought it. I dunno what I really feel about it.  I feel flattered that people think I made a good choice for my looks, but on the other hand I feel stupid since now a bunch of fashion freaks will be out there wearing same shoes I will be wearing. With my background it´s obvious that  everyone will think that I'm the one copying the others, and not that I am actually the original deal.

Big deal. Me & my shoes will be kicking some ass way far away outta here.

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