Tuesday, June 5, 2012

BITCH in training

Ok, I got it. Just had the ultimate lesson there´s just NO USE in trying to be a good person in this world.
To be sincere I´m not even sure anymore if I am being a good example acting my best and advising people to do the same, to take others in consideration, to not to hurt other peoples feelings. Don´t cheat, don´t lie, don´t offend anyone, what for? 
They´ll do that to you. Be sure they will at every single opportunity. Sorry , I´m not christian enough to take this suffering as a ticket to heaven or anything like it. And  to be sincere, no matter how much I believe there´s way much more for my spirit in this universe than this mere damn human existence, I  just don´t want to take things as they are anymore. If I´m not the wrong one, why the fuck am I the only one who´s not laughing?
What´s the point in teaching our children good things? They will soon notice it doesn´t work. Because it doesn´t. Wanna have fun? Get wasted, have irresponsible sex, drive way over the speed limit, act like a tramp and forget about what anyone will think. Fuck if you´re breaking anyone´s heart, betraying anyone´s friendship, there´s just no such a thing. 
Be your own world. Have your own fun. Because life is short and that´s pretty much all you´ll take from it.

Yeah, I´ll probably burn in hell for this. But who cares. At least for now I´ll have a laugh, then. Suffer to suffering, it will only get hotter.

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