Monday, June 11, 2012

Are there any good children in here?

Well, hello again!
Nah, nothing really good happened, I´m just getting myself drunk. That´s a nasty problem about me: I´m hardly an alcoholic, but if there´s booze around: I´ll drink. I can easily go through months - I made it for years- without a sip of alcohol, but if there´s any available, I´m probably having it until the last drop. same with cigarettes: I actually never considered myself either a smoker or not: I love smoking, it´s not about nicotine addiction. I´m not the kind of person who goes out late at night in wintertime because ran out of cigs, but if there are any, I´m probably smoking as much as I can. I also like cigars and narghile and those classic Bali- Hai indian bidis.

Tomorrow is "Valentine´s Day" here. It has nothing to do with St. Valentin, in fact it´s St. Anthony´s eve - and he´s considered a "guardian" or something for couples and people in love. A damn lovers holiday, anyway.
Am I a lover? Yes, indeed.
A pretty hurt fucked up die-hard one.


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