Sunday, June 24, 2012

Day 2 : Insignificant reality

Today I went to buy groceries. By the way, I went driving to the supermarket. That was sure a blast. I only let the engine die once, and I am still bit bad in parking on the line, but who cares: practice will make perfection someday.

But, as my traditional luck, after I had passed all the stuff through the cashier and packed, I found out daddy´s card is not working. Nor mine. Because we use the same damn card, and there was a problem with the system in the whole area. I mean, i couldn´t buy anything nor even withdraw some cash, because the system wasn´t working. So I had to leave all my groceries behind and pray the gas would be enough to take me back home, for I wouldn´t be able to buy fuel either, unless I had another type of card - which I do, actually, but since I applied for that two days ago, I still don´t have it on my hands so, nevermind.
Anyway, how come we get to this point, when a little I-dunno-what-the-fuck-happened with a "system", decides if I can or cannot spend my very own money, which I made to deserve? It´s somewhat shameful when we spend more than we can really afford, but when I actually have the money but still gotta leave my stuff behind because of a fucked up "system", boy, that´s when I simply get pissed off.

So, that´s it: no matter how much money I have, this means that anytime, because of a, let's suppose, solar flare, I can die of starvation or sickness - in case I need an urgent medication - because the system is down? How great to notice!

Because of this, I´ll have to wake up early tomorrow and try to buy the ingredients for lunch again.I am pretty sure the system will be back online by then, for it´s a monday. 

I just doubt my dad will borrow me the car, for the same reason.

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