Sunday, June 3, 2012

Tomorrow is monday, and I don´t give a damn!

Vacations, finally! This week was my last at the office, and I dunno if I said that already. I am just way too lazy of reading past posts to figure this out. Today was sunday and though nothing really special happened I laughed my ass off at some point with my best snowmen telling me at the same time how bad hangovers they had. I felt like asking them if they were at the same party last night, but I know they weren´t. That´s why I like these guys..!

What else? I´m turning orange. Yes, O R A N G E. The color. I had the brilliant idea of buying one of that self-tanning lotions, so I wouldn´t be so office-white when wearing a bikini on the foreign summer, BUT...unless this miserable winter sun can do anything for me, you dears will deal with my snow white small ass. No bikini marks, no tan, no tropical wonders

Yes, a little.
Why do you ask..?

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