Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Day 4 : Swallow this

I´m pretty used, conformed and submissive in taking all the shit I got myself into. I think it´s fair enough, no matter how hard it is, when I´m suffering because of something I screwed up myself. And believe me, I´m a master when it comes to make the wrong choices. And living though it.
But if there's something that really breaks my heart deeply is when I have to pay for other people´s choices and mistakes. I know this happens. I know it´s as natural as the fact that no human being is an island and stuff, and if we´re coming down to spirituality I should be even more comprehensive and "understandful" (if there´s such a term, anyway...), but damn, did I grew this bitter? Or just got way too tired of being the good girl and getting all my hopes and dreams fucked up while the misbehavers are all out there living happily ever after?

You know what? I guess this "lived happily ever after" stuff are only for the ones who doesn´t believe on it.

Aaaaah...! So I´m starting to get it, then.

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