Saturday, June 30, 2012

Day 8 : BBQing

Nothing better than waking up at noon and finding out that the delicious barbecue smell actually comes from my backyard. So, it was an all-family day at home, with a lot of food. My dad made milk pudding, my brother spent the day fixing something in the car, mom was taking turns of resting and cleaning up (why are moms always cleaning up something?) and I played a bunch of games with my Pikku Myy, watching Spiderman on TV. As I told before , they are showing Spiderman marathons in every channel, and when you have a toddler at home, you´re most likely to end up watching the same movies over and over again.

And after a whole month of the same stupid episodes of "Jake And The Neverland Pirates", I think Spiderman is a blessing.

I'll miss that, though. For the first time in almost a decade I'll taste how it feels to be completely on myself again.And this thought kinda gives me butterflies.


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