Monday, June 18, 2012

No FRIENDS in the friendzone. Just morons trying to score.

Great. Day by day I´m getting more and more sure I have no friends at all. And worse: I found out that I´m turning into the villain of my own damn situation, because the morons  who were supposed to be my friends are now making me feel guilty about "keeping them in the friend zone", instead of seeing how wonderful men they are.
Point is, that I´m not even questioning either if they are that wonder or not: I´M NOT SEARCHING FOR A MAN, is that so hard to take it? In fact, I don´t even want to search anymore, I don´t even think about it, because if there is a lesson that life taught me well was that LOVE HAPPENS. There´s no use in chasing it, nor in waiting anxiously for it to arrive to our lives: it just happens when it´s gotta happen. Try to push the situation and all you´ll get is a handful of pain. But if you focus on living your life and doing the right stuff to be done in the appropriated time, don´t worry, for you won´t be a foreveralone, unless you want it.
And probably even if you want it, you´ll be surprised by love sooner than you would expect.

I need a friend.
And this seems to the the hardest thing to find.

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