Saturday, June 30, 2012

Day 8: Love, actually.

I was cleaning up the table after lunch and good things came to my mind. I felt my heart warm and I didn't noticed I had such a shining smile upon my face until mom came up with the question: "So, what´s the recipe for such a happiness?"

I felt my cheeks burning and I laughed, so did she. And before I could say anything she said "I bet it's about some boy, huh?"

-Well...I'd say it's more about some

She nodded. "Whatever. Listen, my dear, if I may say so, I guess you have to take a time for yourself right now." - this sentence erased my smile for a moment. For since the divorce I´m always being pressured to behave like a medieval widow or something. And some close people have been cathegorical in saying stuff that hurts only in thinking. And I was afraid I was about to get another one, but in fact, before I could say a word,she went on to surprise me:

-I just want you to know, that you should not be afraid or embarassed of having someone special to your heart again. I have seen you in love before, and what I see now is that you're putting a huge effort in hiding it, maybe even from yourself. I know what you´ve been through and what you´ve been listening to, but wasn´t you the one who was always saying life´s too short to waste on "could have beens" ? Unless he´s married, of course...

-No, I don't think so. Just that... it´s a teenage love. And we´re not teenagers anymore.

-Good, so this might mean the time is right, now.

While I wondered what makes her so sure about it she turned her back and was about to leave the kitchen when I finally decided to ask.

-You know who I´m talking about, don´t you..?

She laughed

-His name is written all over you.

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