Friday, November 30, 2012

Wet n' wild

               I knew I was late for work, but still couldn't help staring at him sleeping by my side. Childlike, eyes closed, open mouth, I couldn't yet believe he was so real, so close, so mine. His scent still all over my body, brings back the memories of the crazy night before: spreaded clothes throughout the room, a broken lamp and a ripped curtain were a silent testimonial of what occured since we arrived from the silent streets, already engaged on everything that is dirty and lovely.
               I couldn't find my bra, I bet it got lost somewhere between the elevator and the corridor. Fact is that I remember arriving topless to the room, and then we went together to the shower, our naked bodies slipping against each other's, in a wet scented frenzy, Red lifted me up and down on his cock, while the water ran down through my body, he kissed me, drowned me in his urge as I was screaming for more. I love when he pulls me like this, I feel even tinier on his strong arms, played as a doll, totally unable of resisting either through strenght or will. At some point my foot kicked the tap and suddenly the water turned ice cold upon us. We laughed. We kissed.
              He embraced me with a towel and carried me to bed, a soaked mermaid with my hair and pussy dripping. He'd caress and dry me while I explored his manhood with my mouth, softly and slowly, kissing every inch in its most sensitive parts. My long nails left marks on his thighs as I felt him growing harder and deeper in my mouth. That voice sounded in a moaning that made me greedy to have him all inside me again. He violently rolled me in bed and leaned down on me, spreading my legs and sucking my clit, while his fingers stretched my cunt, while I choked on his cock. I came so hard in his mouth that I screamed pretty loud, even practically gagged. And before the shockwave would end, he jumped on me and started banging me hard. When I felt that hot meat being pushed all at once through my pulsating pussy, I thought I would faint, but I ended up cumming again one minute later, when he teased my ear with his tongue saying "You're the sexiest bitch I've ever fucked, and I'm filling you up in every hole tonight..." He injected all that hot load inside me, and then pulled his soaked dick from my pussy, smearing my lips with that sexy taste.

And that was only the beggining...

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